Play Game Online, as the name suggests, concerns itself with whales and other sea critters. The aim of the game, as is the case with most other .io games, is to make your way up the leaderboard- and to ultimately rank as number one. You do this by means of your ‘horned’ whale, modeled after the narwhal species, a variety of (real life) whale that features a tusk on its head. was recently released as an Android app, which means that it is now available both on your mobile device and on your computer. This is a fun, simple game very much in line with its predecessors. It uses basic commands, stripped back graphics and an easy to understand plot. Combined, each of the above qualities helps create a fun and engaging game for you to enjoy. Controls requires very little backstory or understanding. As a player, you’re dropped into the ‘ocean’, which is actually a gray grid filled with you opponents. Your avatar is a horned whale, and your goal is to kill your competitors, by attacking them with your tusk.
To navigate across the board, you can use either your arrow keys or your mouse (or your finger on Android devices). To boost, and ultimately kill your competitors, you click and hold. The longer you hold your mouse, the larger your attack will be. You can also head butt your opponents, although this will result in you simply ricocheting off their body- leaving you both unscathed.
As you navigate the board, you will find power ups available for you to collect, which will allow you to regenerate parts of your body torn away by opponents- and refreshen or lengthen your boosts. Don’t underestimate the power of power ups, and collect them when possible.

Tips, Hack & Strategy

Unlike other .io games, doesn’t offer many opportunities for players to explore different strategies. Ultimately, your goal is to destroy other players, and the most effective way to do this is to play on the attack- while remaining defensive. It will certainly benefit you to roam around the edges of the grid, particularly as a beginner. The perimeter of the board is typically where players go to find respite, after narrowly avoiding a fierce competitor. This is a vulnerable position to be in, and one you should certainly take advantage of, by slicing them when they least expect it.